Digital marketing cambodia

Digital marketing cambodia

Digital Marketing in Cambodia
Digital Marketing in Cambodia

Digital Marketing in Cambodia is on the rise during this pandemic. As Covid-19 taking a toll on world economy, Cambodia nevertheless affected by it as well. Since large gathering is still not permitted, more and more business are shifting to digital marketing strategy to reach their consumers. We have seen a huge jump in term of subscribers across the board of all digital platforms.

Here are some of the recent figures regarding Cambodia digital media landscape. Facebook reaches 10 million as of June 2020 which accounted for more than half of its entire population.

  • Facebook: 10 M
  • YouTube: 2.1 M
  • Instagram: 800K
  • TikTok: 750K
  • Linkedin: 330K
  • Twitter: 200K

Engagement is still very strong on Facebook in Cambodia as a way to connect with your potential customers. What I’ve seen lately is a surge of people doing Facebook Lives, whether to sell their products, interview, news or other gibberish nonsense. These Facebook Lives garnered a lot of viewers and engagements. Some deployed influencers as a mean to connect with their customers and some just out-right scream at the camera to push their products whether it’s lotion or other beauty products.

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