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  • As Cambodia’s economy grows, advertising in Cambodia has developed to keep pace with consumer demand. According to a research company, which monitors advertising

  • Why digital marketing in Cambodia? We’re living in the age of smart devices. We use these devices to work, to communicate, to play, and to make transactions. Smart devices

  • As social media usage in Cambodia continues to rise and so does digital marketing strategy evolved and the demand for services like Web Chimpy increased. . Tech giant Facebook

  • As of this year, e-commerce in Cambodia has grown to a semi-maturity. As a result it creates a market situation for innovators and new investors alike. Cambodia has a hig

  • The media landscape in Cambodia is changing with the internet taking over conventional medias. In recent years, we have seen more and more advertising shifting to online platf

  • What is media strategy? Media strategy is define as the culmination usage of a certain media mix to achieve a desirable and optimal outcomes. It is an essential part in an adv

  • The advertising industry in Cambodia is shifting toward digital. Reports had shown digital advertising spending is on the rise in contract to traditional advertising. What con

  • Digital Marketing in Cambodia is on the rise during this pandemic. As Covid-19 taking a toll on world economy, Cambodia nevertheless affected by it as well. Since large gather

  • Businesses put a lot of time, energy and money into rebranding. Sometimes it works and the company traverses to the highest of highs, sometimes they flop. Here is our list of